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Ioanna Apostolou is a visual artist ,based in Cyprus.

On 2015, she finished her Professional Diploma in Architecture and she continued her studies with the MA degree in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices. Recently finished her second Master degree in Digital Marketing.

An experienced Architectural Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & art industry.


Being both an architect and artist, Ioanna deciphers and brings to the foreground the inner qualities of physical environments. In her work, she defines and isolates the concepts of time-space and the experience of transition.

Ioanna plays with the perception of boundaries, between the fictional and the real. Her work explores the notion of flowing and the reading of natural places as decoded spaces.

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My Story

Through my research and personal exploration, I try to define the concepts of time, space, path and transition experience.

During the investigation and management of an area, I take note of the data consistent with a purely physical -and not artificial- region. The main areas that I examine are on the coastal area.

The coastal area, as a transitional space between land and sea, includes the natural and built environment and historical, cultural, social and economic information.

The relationship with the natural landscape rigorously and inadvertently creates a physical and mental connection with the existing space. Moving in the natural environment I mark through the memory, the paths that I perform. Creating paths from successive points in the space.

The idea starts by recording the path on the paper and then 2d drawings - sketches are completed by creating a three-dimensional construction.

Defined as interventions in space and time itself. Relief structures, consisting of different materials, are defined as landscapes. Their formation is constituted by the delimitation and creation of internal and external borders.

With the use of a mirror, I am trying to create a new area on the basis of the elements determining the existing space, replacing them in the area of origin. The attachment or embolism part of an image to another, has the effect of creating a new reality, a new vital area.


Construction shows my desire to give meaning to the idea of ​​transition. Sometimes I think it is a pass, the threshold of transition from one region to another. The work, in other words, is defined as three-dimensional writing. 


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