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Ioanna Apostolou's work, seeks to reveal the innate beauty of the natural world while exploring the fundamental forces that shape it, terra - cielo - acqua.

By embracing the power of topography, she reshapes a deeper connection to the natural environment.


The natural environment, acts as a reception area for a new image,

creating the concatenation of an inner image to the external region that encloses it. 



20151116_120008 edit.jpg

'' Nature is a source of inspiration and is the basis of creation through a record of experiences. The experiential experience of space is a multi-layered event and it is captured from various aspects, biological, sensory, aesthetic, scientific.

Every route, every journey, is a method of feeling and understanding the space. This is how I perceive space and how I define it. Through an experiential and cognitive relationship.


Creating in space, a new era  of personal memory that emerges in the form of a new image''. 

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